Meet the Hosts

Something magical happens when you bring smart, curious and opinionated highly-melanated women together in a room. Introducing Sophie Hannah, Nushy Rose and Monah, the fabulous hosts of hot UK show, Ethnically Speaking.


Monah is an eccentric, unconventional female who dances to the beat of her own drum: predictably unpredictable with a “live and let live” attitude to life. She’s motivated by social justice, change, and an insatiable desire to contribute to cultural shifts, especially when it comes to issues of poverty, world health, equal rights or prison reform. As an English Literature graduate, Monah is drawn to all forms of art, finding comfort in the literary excellence of Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and Hansberry, to name just a few. But you’ll find her at her happiest whenever any of the “6 Fs” – flavour, food, fashion, friends, family and fits of laughter – are involved.

A shoulder to cry on, an agony aunt, a confidante… Monah believes that a problem shared is a problem halved, and revels in any opportunity for sharing knowledge, deconstructing conventions, and dreaming up dreams. Alongside hosting Ethnically Speaking, you can find her creating opinionated, electric, and humorous content across various platforms from YouTube and podcasts, to panel discussions and hosting live events. Monah has her hands in many pots and has no intention of slowing down.

Nushy Rose

Nushy is a lively, curious, born and bred North West Londoner, with a passion for international politics, novels, and negronis. After a decade of working in media, she’s seen a lot. That includes a job where living with all of her colleagues in a Hollywood apartment was part of the contract. Needless to say: she now reads the small print.

The former Virginian sorority girl cut her YouTube teeth writing and producing viral conspiracy theory videos for Sky #realfakenews. After that, she spent three years as an NBCUniversal Future Leader across news, films and TV. Her specialism is “quality of life” and how our understanding of it fuels global inequalities. That drive to uncover hidden bias in the way we see the world is at the heart of all she does.

Outside of Ethnically Speaking she works as Managing Editor for a global opinions platform, writes, produces podcasts, and looks at life from the point of: why do we think, what we think?

Sophie Hannah

Sophie is a woman who knows what she wants, what she thinks and isn’t afraid to tell the world. If she had to describe herself, the first words that would come to mind are black, passionate, feminist, lover of knowledge and dry dark wit. Her heart is happiest around beautiful things, from fashion, to nature, interiors, the arts and literature, and as a lover of travel she will probably tell anyone who is willing to listen that she has travelled to six of the seven continents in the world – just Antarctica to go!

Sophie’s current personal focus is on uplifting and highlighting black and brown communities, especially when that comes to women. This is at the heart of her YouTube series, ‘AnOther Woman’, where she interviews black and ethnic minority women in different fields of work, in order to understand and highlight their experiences. Sophie is also a lover of films and her other YouTube show, ‘The Cine Chic’, dissects the good, bad and ugly of the latest releases.


Season 1 available now. Season 2 coming this Autumn!

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